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The thermoplug is 100% food grade/safe combination of stainless steel and nylon. 100% Australian made and owned. Independently designed to be used with the popular cooking device the Thermomix®

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BENEFITS OF THE thermoplug:

*Switch the blade between two mixing bowls (no need to purchase two blades!)
*Hand mix ingredients into cooking mixtures/batters (say hello to chunky chocolate chips and nuts!)
*Scoop out every last bit of mixture without the blade getting in the way (no more food waste!)
*Combine traditional cooking methods without having to transfer to a separate bowl (no more extra dishes in your dishwasher!)
*Leave bread to prove without dough getting stuck around the blade
*Weigh ingredients without the blade in the mixing bowl
*Use your hands to scoop & roll cookie dough
*Use plastic spatulas, spoons, pastry brushes, and other kitchen utensils without worrying about causing damage from the blade.
*Give you some peace of mind when cooking with your children**

Push mixture to the sides of the TM Mixing Bowl OR "Turbo" Blades 2-5 seconds
Carefully remove the blade from the Mixing Bowl.
Quickly drop the thermoplug into the TM Mixing Bowl.
Attach bottom mixing bowl base to secure the thermoplug in place, twist the base and ensure the base is parallel to the handle when locked into place.

Rinse under warm water immediately after use
Place in top shelf of dishwasher

Do not use with thermoplug while operating your Thermomix®.
Do not use with any model other than the Thermomix® TM5
Do not use with temperatures exceeding 80 degrees Celsius
Always supervise children when using
Not for use by small children
Exercise caution when removing the blade from the Thermomix®

*When used correctly
**Children should always be supervised when cooking. Not to be used by small children.
***Accessories not included.

The thermoplug is patented worldwide.

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