Got a question? We're happy to help! See below for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the thermoplug.

Which Thermomix® models can the thermoplug be used with?

The thermoplug is made for variations TM5, AND THE NEW TM6

What countries do you ship to?
The thermoplug is available for shipping to Australia and New Zealand. 

We also ship to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Asia, and South Africa.

For European orders please order through our partner Trio-Parat:

Select your country at checkout to see if it's an option. Please feel free to email us if your country isn't an option. Please note we are not responsible for any taxes/customs duties incurred. Depending on your payment method you may incur a foreign transaction fee.

What are your payment methods?

Payments are processed securely through PayPal and Stripe. During the checkout process you will be asked for your name, address, and email. 

How do I clean my thermoplug?
We suggest following the same process for washing the Thermomix® blade.  The thermoplug is safe to be cleaned in your dishwasher.

Why wouldn’t I just put the mixture in another bowl?
You can! However, the thermoplug magically turns your Thermomix® Mixing Bowl into a multi-use bowl.  You can then use your bowl for a variety of uses, reducing the need for more dishes, freeing up benchtop/sink space and giving you less washing up!

OK, that’s great, but what about liquids? Won’t they leak out when I insert the plug?
We don't recommend using the thermoplug with liquid like consistencies, it is best used with anything that is a bit thicker (like doughs and batters) If you do want to use the thermoplug with liquid mixtures we recommend pushing as much mixture to one side of the bowl as possible. Once you have done so, lay the mixing bowl on its side, carefully remove the blade, insert the thermoplug and lock it into place. Easy!

Where is the thermoplug made?
We are proud to share that the thermoplug is 100% Australian owned and made. The thermoplug is manufactured right here in NSW, Australia.

What will happen if I try to operate my Thermomix® with the thermoplug inserted into the mixing bowl?
We do not recommend placing the mixing bowl into the Thermomix® with the thermoplug inserted. If by chance you do accidentally do this, we recommend turning off your Thermomix® immediately. Due to the design of the thermoplug, it does not lock in to the turning mechanism of the Thermomix® device, and as a result the thermoplug will not spin, move, or turn. If you use the thermoplug with the heating element of the Thermomix®, the jug may start to heat (this is controlled by a separate part of the Thermomix® device).
What happens if the thermoplug damages my Thermomix®, is it covered under warranty?
The thermoplug has been methodically designed, rigorously and extensively tested to ensure that it will not damage your Thermomix®. In the very unlikely event that the thermoplug damages your Thermomix® we will replace your Thermomix® (or the damaged part). The thermoplug has been designed to ensure it does not lock in to the turning mechanism of the Thermomix®, the thermoplug will not spin, move, or turn.  This replacement policy is not valid for damage that has occurred as a result of incorrect use, mis-use, or accident. For further information on our replacement policy please click here.

Can I return my item?

Unless faulty we do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges of the thermoplug.

Are you associated with Vorkwerk/Thermomix®?
We are not associated with Vorkwerk/Thermomix®. We are a small, Australian owned, family business aiming to help you get even more use out of your much-loved Thermomix®!

Can I view your privacy policy?
Of course! For information on how we may use your data please click here

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